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    Roberto started RMS Heating & Cooling Ltd. to provide a Knowledgable and Experienced option in an Industry that is sometimes lacking in those qualities.
    Are you needing a Boiler, Furnace and/or Air conditioner service or Installed? RMS Heating & Cooling is the one to call.
    RMS Heating & Cooling Ltd. performs Heating & Cooling system replacements if your system has ceased to operate. RMS Heating & Cooling Ltd. is happy to do any systemic renovations you require.
    RMS Heating Cooling Ltd. has extensive experience with Viessmann Products and is part of their Partner Program. If you have a Viessmann Boiler or are looking to upgrade your existing boiler to a Viessmann, you need to call us for a consultation.
    Bonded, Licensed & Insured
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Our Services

Boiler replacement
Boiler Service & Installations

I specialize in high efficient boiler systems that work and are reliable. I have a 35+ year relationship with Viessmann and can install and repair Viessmann systems at a competitive rate to any other brand.

Furnace repair service
Furnace Service & Installations

I have teamed up with Rheem furnaces and heat pumps and can service and upgrade any system with their equipment. I also service and repair all current brands and even those that have been discontinued or are no longer supported.

Air conditioning repair service
Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

I have 35+ years experience installing and servicing A/C and heat pump systems. Both residential and commercial services.

Hybrid Systems

Many times, the best answer for reliability and costs savings is to install a hybrid high efficiency boiler combo system with a high SEER heat pump. I have the experience and expertise to bring your home system to a new level of efficiency and reliability with top branded equipment and a high level of experience.

Tankless Water Heaters & Storage Tanks

I have access to many different options and am ready to service or replace with what suits you and your family’s or buildings' needs.

Pipe system upgrades
Piping System Upgrades

If any of your pipes have become broken or deteriorated, contact RMS Heating & Cooling Ltd. We perform piping system upgrades that restore your water service for the long term.

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